HEC Montreal's Data Science Initiative in International Business
A NEW "OS" FOR DATA SCIENCE. This website is dedicated to the International Business field of research with Data Science as the core methodology. We also value reproducible research, and open source developments.

Open Science Toolkit
Navigate through our set of tools and servers dedicated to the production of academic content using only open source code.
Mondo: International Data
In partnership with CIRANO, millions of observations useful for International Business.
Open Research
Available to HEC Montreal' students, Dr Hector's RMarkdown platform.
Open Teaching
Dr Hector's course website, with some open MOOCs.
Data Science for International Business
HEC Montreal's Data Science committee: www.ds4ib.org.
Open Connect
RStudio Connect software for HEC Montreal's Data Science for International Business students.
Open Analytics
An impressive plain on-line statistics and econometrics software.
Open Code
Available to HEC Montreal' students, Dr Hector's Gitlab server.
Open Literature
In partnership with EconBiz/ZBW.

Our Partners
Open Science would not be possible without the help of our institutional and technological partners.
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